National Award Winning Stone Sculptor
David Seth Brass

"I just took a long walk on your web-site. All of your sculptures are wonderful. 'True Love' and Hygeia' so perfectly executed! I see your passion and expertise in all your works. Just lovely! Christie C. American Art Collector/Western Art Collector Magazines, May 13, 2016
Peace Sculpture, Inauguration November 10, 2013, into the Rotary Centre, Bangkok, Thailand

White Dog Gallery, Carbondale, Colorado

Mizel Museum, Self-Portraits Exhibition

Madden Museum of Art, Windows to the Divine Invitational Exhibition

Denver Art Museum Gallery Exhibition, Fall 2010 through Spring 2011


PHILANTHROPY THROUGH SCULPTURE allows patrons to recognize non-profit organizations and the individual employees within those organizations who touch their lives and the lives of others. Commissions or completed works can be donated by a patron in honor of the generosity of members of the non-profit community, or in memory of a loved one. Commissions donated to non- profits can be fully tax-deductible with the appropriate IRS documentation.
For a personal purchase of a sculpture, a portion of the proceeds, up to 40%, will be donated in your honor, by me, or the donation can be made by you and can serve as a tax-deductible cash donation to the organization that has touched your life.

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"Sculpture in Process" -David Brass National Award Winning Stone SculptorDavid Seth Brass
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"Sculpture in Process"


The love of the stone
Can be seen in his hands
As he touches the rough skin
Formed in earth's youth.

He touches like the blind,
Fingers sensitive, gentle,
Trying to read inside
The figure hidden beneath.

He touches like a father,
Protector, teacher and shaper,
And yet the beginning,
The spark of creation.

He touches like a mother
Who has nurtured this being
From idea to final reality
And brought forth its birth
To the eyes of the world
To last as long as stone.

by Poet Kevin Hardy
Copyright 1997

inspired by and written for the sculptor
David Brass 1997

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