My two best girls

My two best girls

I am self-taught, relying on my imagination, technical skills, and passion to sculpt stylized interpretations of figurative and wildlife sculpture. Originality is a key requisite within my body of work, for which I take pride. However, I am not foolish enough to think that every other artist`s work I see doesn`t leave an impression upon my mind. As I am self-taught, I am also educated by everyone and everything that touches my life.

The development of a concept and its execution is an exciting and challenging experience. I am asked about this frequently, so I will take you through an example of the process, with the following explanation. I dream frequently of what I will carve in stone. A beautiful, rare, rectangular block of Italian Portoro marble sits in my studio. It is an incredibly gorgeous black marble with gold veining, or matrix, with the look of liquid precious metal set within it. I sometimes sit by the woodstove, in a rocking chair, sipping a glass of wine, as I stare at this stone.

At night my dream is that of the story of Icarus and his flight towards the sun. The wax holding his hand-made, feather wings together begins to melt, as he flies higher and higher into the heat. Icarus then plummets into the sea, to his death. The melting wax of his wings is perfectly and naturally depicted by the gold veining within this block of Italian marble. In my dreams, and in the light of day, the thrill of the concept, and the story, run through me. I will create this work of art. And when it is completed, I will breathe a fresh breath of inspiration, and soon a new sculpture will be brought to life from within another stone.

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