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Art Critic and Historian John T. Spike Ph.D reviewing my work in Florence, Italy, Exhibition -DAVID SETH BRASS ARTIST`S STATEMENT
Art Critic and Historian John T. Spike Ph.D reviewing my work in Florence, Italy, Exhibition

I view life as a privilege and a blessing. I often tell people that we can set a new direction for ourselves in the course of one day. Certainly responsibilities can act as the keel on a sailboat and direct us to continue on a straight course, as we may have sailed for so long. But the strong winds of desire, hope, prayer and unshakeable passion can fill our sails full of wind, and the course of our lives can be changed, even as we maintain our responsibilities.

As I fly over the southern tip of Greenland, headed eventually to Sweden, I reflect on what stone and sculpture is to me. In its raw state stone is about the formation of our environment, our Earth. Stone is my medium of choice, with a natural palette which is more beautiful, more complex and challenging than any other material I could imagine. It requires bold chiseling and risk taking with each tap of my hammer.

Stone can be fragile to sculpt, yet permanent as an art form. Stone has carried our ancestors upon it and when we are no longer here, it cradles our remains. As I sculpt stone I feel the presence of Michelangelo. I taste the dust that Constantine Brancusi and Jose de Creeft felt upon their lips when they were alive. I know the enchanting pleasure that my good friend Jane Armstrong has known through her eighth decade. It is the love of the stone that is shared by so many who have been drawn to this material for so long.

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