En La Noche
62" w/pedestal x 12" x 6"
Canadian Marble

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Patron PurchaseHonoring the Wings FoundationPhilanthropy Through Sculpture Program -philanthropy through sculptures En La Noche - En La Noche 62" w/pedestal x 12" x 6"Canadian Marble
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Honoring the Wings Foundation

Philanthropy Through Sculpture Program

En La Noche (In the Night)
This elegant gray marble with black swirls containing flecks of gold was the perfect piece with which to carve a woman resting in a safe, protected, blanketed, dream-like state, through the darkness of the night. In a society where domestic violence affects millions of women, it is every Father's responsibility to raise his sons to honor, protect and respect women. The sculpture is lifted high upon its base reflecting the importance of women in our lives.

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