Hygeia - Greek Goddess of Health
14" x 10" x 4"
Mainry Spectrolite

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PRIVATE COLLECTION Niles, Michigan -Greek Sculptures Hygeia - Greek Goddess of Health - Hygeia - Greek Goddess of Health 14" x 10" x 4"Mainry Spectrolite
Niles, Michigan

Hygeia, Greek Goddess of healing, associated with the continuation of good health and the prevention of illness, was the daughter of Asclepius, who was a son of Apollo. This sculpture representing the face of Hygeia, was a commission for a wonderful couple from Michigan, and I carved it with the intention of expressing the blessings of good health to the family. The stone itself is a collectable form of the gemstone known as Spectrolite because of the multiple color flashes which are an optical phenomenon characteristic of the property of surfaces in which the "schiller," or hue changes according to the viewing angle of the stone.

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